Identifying Your Scirocco Idle Issues

Scirocco Idle Stabilizer Valve – MK2 8v and 16v

This is nice little write up about Scirocco idle issues. User ‘SimonH’ on VW Vortex wrote posted this back in 2006. There is some very useful I have cross referenced a few times. I thought it would be a good idea to have it on our site so people can identify issues they may have. This information on how to identify your Scirocco idle issues.

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Restore a Scirocco – A Comprehensive Guide

Restoring a Scirocco can be complicated. This guide will give you the basics on what you should do to restore a Scirocco.

Tuning the CIS on a David’s 1986.5 Scirocco 16v Deluxe


The Volkswagen Scirocco is a classic and iconic sports coupe that has captured the hearts of car enthusiasts around the world. Whether you are a proud owner of a Scirocco or planning to restore one, finding the right parts is crucial to ensure its optimal performance and longevity. In this blog post, we will delve into the process of buying Volkswagen Scirocco parts and provide valuable insights on restoring these timeless vehicles. Continue reading

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BBS RX214 16″x7″- One Set In Stock

Only 1 set in stock – BBS RX214 16″ x 7″ 4×100 ET35

These BBS RX214 wheels are restored in house by WRC North. We make sure they are restored to factory spec before finishing them. These are chemical stripped,

– BBS RX 16″ x 7″ – ET35 – 72.1 Center Bore
– Professionally straightened & restored.
– Powder coated – BBS Silver.
– Authentic BBS Center Caps – Red.
– BBS 11mm Valve Stems and BBS Caps. (not in photo, will be shipped unmounted)
– Diamond Cut Lips.
– Set of 4 Wheels


BBS RX214 Wheel #1

These factory BBS RX wheels did not come on any OEM vehicles, and was a aftermarket option from BBS. These wheels are no longer available from BBS as well. Very Rare.  This aluminium wheel has a diameter of 16″ and width of 7″.  Furthermore, they have a 57.1 center bore for hub centric wheel mounting. These BBS wheels have 4×100 pitch center diameter (PCD). The offset of this BBS wheel is ET 35. In conclusion, these BBS RS214 wheels may fit other cars given the specifications match or with the same size or smaller center bore.

If you are interested in purchasing these, you can click here for more information.

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New Scirocco Products

New Scirocco Products: Reinforced Exhaust Hanger & Power Steering Reservoir Filters

Our Reinforced Exhaust Hangers are now in stock. These are manufactured with a chain inside. This will prevent the hanger from braking and will never allow your exhaust to hit the ground. Manufactured to fit in the OEM mounting locations on Mk1 & Mk2 VW Sciroccos 8v & 16v. We also have OEM style Mk2 muffler hangers in stock as well

Another product we now carry is genuine OES power steering reservoir filters. Due to the fact that our power steering racks are no longer available, you’re going to want to preserve it for as long as possible. By replacing your power steering reservoir filter, this will keep your hydraulic fluid clean and prevent any damage to your sensitive power steering system.

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Throttle Cable Bushing

Have you ever tried to install a new Throttle Cable Bushing on your Mk or Mk2 Scirocco throttle pedal? It’s a pain in the butt, isn’t it?

These solid mounted throttle cable bushing are made of engineering grade polymer and are easily to install. Just screw the bushing into place and it’s in. No pressing, lubing or heating this bushing. Furthermore, our bushing helps with throttle pedal slop and makes the engine more responsive. Click here to order yours today.

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Prepping Mk1 Mk2 Shells

Prepping Mk1 & Mk2 shells at our WCR South California facility.

Prepping Mk1 Mk2 Scirocco Shells. There is always something to make right.

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WCR New European Headlight Adjusters

Mk2 European Headlight Adjusters

Our new European headlight adjusters installed on DesMoinesRocc aka DenverRocc. Freshly printed and ready for shipment.
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WCR Mk2 European Headlight Adjuster Clips

WRC’s Mk2 Scirocco European headlight adjuster kits are now in stock. These clips replace your broken clips with newly redesigned units. Made in house at WRC North.

We drew up extremely detailed CAD files of these European Headlight Adjuster Clips here at West Coast Roccos. While doing so, we redesigned and changed the tolerances to make them easier to install. They also retain a nice tight fit, just like OEM. We also updated the designs to be stronger, which makes them less likely to break when installing them. The pivot ball clips are very similar to the OEM clips, slightly thicker, with same rotation of the OEM ball end screws. These are also not as brittle as the OEM units. Most importantly, the low and high beam frame mounting clips are already tapped with threads, ready to install. These are ready to install into your ball end screws upon arrival.

We have two options, if you need a whole new kit, or just rebuild the ones you already have.  Click her for the headlight clip kit or click here for  ball end adjuster pivot clip kit only.

These kits do not include headlights, headlight bracket, ball end pivots or adjuster screws. Some clips may be a different colors (Gray, black, or white) due to availability of materials. Most of our clips will be white or gray, but they will all be the same color.

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BBS Wheel Refinishing – Before and After.

BBS Wheel Refinishing – Before and After.

Before the restoration started. Note the curb rash.

We’ve been trying to source BBS RS 4×100 wheels and the only way we can get them efficiently is to do some BBS Wheel Refinishing. We purchased these 3 piece BBS RS wheels from our contact overseas and had them shipped directly to our WCR North shop. These BBS RS wheels came into the shop as 15”x6.5, 5×114.3 and looking pretty rough.

First, we start by stripping them down. For the lips, we started repairing the lips with some minor welding. The nex set was to machine and polish the lips to make them look perfect. Then, on the faces, we filled the 5×114 PCD lug holes with weld. We machined the welds flat and redrilled them to 4×100 PCD. We use a Jet Mill, index the wheels with a Accurite DRO and a coaxial indicator we we could drill a perfect PCD. Furthermore, we clean all 128 BBS wheel bolts, valve stems and tumbled them. We have a vibratory tumbler we use with walnut media for 24 hours.

After Refinishing

After this, we chemical strip, blast the centers, mask critical areas and powder coated with Porsche silver and clear coat powder. Disassembled the center caps, stripped, polished the nuts and found authentic red BBS caps from the UK. Then we reassemble, torque to spec and seal. Before the first wheel was finished we had them sold. In conclusion, these turned out amazing! We are always searching for a few more sets.

If you need a set or want yours refinished to your specifications, contact us at the West Coast Roccos North location.

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Canada Rocc – Part 2 – Buffing & 3D Printing

Buffing Canada Rocc started early this week. The paint had burned marks from the previous owner but over all the paint looks pretty amazing considering how it arrived at the shop. We used Meguiars Ultra Cut 105 compound, then buffed with Meguiars Mirror Glaze 205 compound. We still need to do a Meguiars Mirror Glaze 3 compound buff on it, but it’s off to a really good start.

We also needed to address some of the parts that are either missing, hard to find or no longer available. I started drawing the missing parts in Fusion 360 CAD. I then 3D printing parts on our Any Cubic Photon 3d resin printer. I printed some mirror adjusting knobs, badge retainer clips and some bumper trim tests. The bumper trim is no longer available and we are talking to a company to have them remanufactured in black and red.  

Stay tuned for more updates on this project and products. Coming up in future posts: Upholstery repair, B Pillar prep & decal install, 2.25″ Techtonics Tuning exhaust and engine maintenance.

B Pillar Restoration

BBS RS Wheels

Upholstery Repair


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