Reproduction Mk1 Scirocco Gauge Panel

This week, we made a reproduction Mk1 Scirocco gauge panel that is no longer in production. These were made at WCR North in the Seattle area. If we can not get parts, we want the next best thing, an original copy. With parts like this, attention to detail was critical before making the mold. We repaired some scratches on the aftermarket original Scirocco gauge panel. Then, we textured it exactly like the original part. After that, we casted the mold.

Considerable amount of time, R&D and detailed work is put into parts like this. The time it takes to make or find a minor part like this. Out goal is to replicate the and/or obtain the original look and finish of our builds.

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FF Transmission Rebuild

We got the Scirocco S close ratio FF transmission back from the rebuilders last week. Here are a few photos. We had our VW transmission guy break it all apart and bring back the case. After that, we blasted it and powder coated it with a OEM cast silver finish. We also retained the OEM end cap and powder coated it the same bright green for a fresh and finished look. There are a few more items that need plated on the transmission, but overall it’s coming along.

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I will serve no fries before their time.

DansRocc is almost complete. Engine going in on Wednesday the 17th and I can connect it all back up. Stay tuned.

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Welcome to West Coast Roccos’ New Website

Welcome to our new website. Please be patient as we are updating content, parts and information over the next few weeks. Thank you for your support!

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